Friday, April 27, 2012

The More Things Change.....the more I want to get a time machine.

For crying out loud in the sink, as my dear old Dad used to say.
I logged on to Blogspot to post this morning and lo and behold, the ass powers that be have decided in their infinite 'want-to-be-oh-so-techy' way to now provide all sorts of tra-la-la apps for posting, yadda yadda. My beef?
My Browser apparently isn't supported by Blogger and some parts now will not work and I may experience problems.
No shit, Sherlock. At the moment I can see 1/2 of my dashboard choices for font, type style, pic upload etc. AND it now takes 5 times longer for me to get this done.
I weep.
I can hardly wait until I have a pic to now:
Acrylic with Derwent 'Inktense' pencil

Wellll-l-l-l,  2 hours and 21 minutes later - here we are. I had to download the 'new' Google Chrome app (2 hrs 21 mins) and then install and get it up and running....all this, is, of course, due to the fact that I am still using DIAL UP -  and do not have an option otherwise. 
We are obsolete and are rapidly being left in the dust. 
However, we are still able to post and I guess that's the point. 
I am seriously considering a nap after all that.
...but I'll start laying out a new painting instead. 
THANK the powers my hands are still wa-a-a-a-ay beyond anything technology can replace. 
however I shudder to think that may change.....

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