Saturday, April 7, 2012


PHOBIA Series - COMMUNICATION (or Behind Closed Doors)  34 X 36 Mixed Media: Acrylic, Collograph, Collage
...and so far I'm still on FB.
Collograph is the name of a print that is made from a use of paper or other objects placed on a surface (usually a thin cardboard) to form an image that is then inked and printed. If you enlarge the above painting image, you can get a close look at the background and see what I'm describing. That's how I did the houses. It's a super cool process but remember NOT to use printing ink if you are putting the image onto canvas. 'Why?' you ask....well, learn from the idiot Master because printing ink doesn't dry on canvas and when you go to paint some more after spending all the time you just have getting that awesome image created, you will find it will start to run and you'll be dancing around somewhat like a hot-potato-in-your-pants as you scramble to blot up the runs before everything goes south. Then you will try to find a way to coat said painting so that you can keep working the painting. Like 'Workable Fixative' which, if you live in a big city, is readily available, but if you live in the small remote Tra-La-La land I do, is not, so you must resort to Internet online buying EXCEPT Workable Fixative is only available in spray cans that are considered 'Dangerous Goods' and must be shipped with extras: like Money, Packaging and Time. You do not have these at hand right at the moment and therefore the brain must engage in being clever to figure out how to apply an acrylic gel medium to form a barrier over the will-run-all-over parts. For the next 3 hrs. (We overcame!)
It's not all tea and paintbrushes here, folks!
However, we do like the 'runny' bits and if I hadn't told you about all that, you'd never have known it wasn't planned.
Ah, 'cool effect' thy name is oops!
First entry to Sooke Show - check!
And, of course, now I hate that original piece way the heck back before runny bits with the crows and am starting again with this 'new' technique.
In case you ever wondered why Artists are poor (like that consumes your mind as much as it doesn't) it is probably due to mistakes that use up the supplies. I keep saying that someday I'm having a show of 'mistakes'.
That would be enormously embarrassing but totally intriguing.

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