Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Reworked and Reborn: NEVER SAY DIE

PHOBIA Series - IMAGE (We All Make Our Own Cages)
Mixed Media - Acrylic, Collograph Print, Collaged Text
36 X 34

...remember the original post about this series...? Somewhere down below about 3 posts back, if I recall, and admittedly my recall button sticks every once in a while, and there doesn't seem to be human WD-40. Anyandoffwegoway, after the last painting which I did part way through the first painting as mentioned when I started this,  I got all excited by the 'collograph' printing so I redid that and this is it. The second 'First'. Sortof. Because it actually is the second painting I did.....and number 2 actually became number 1.
I exhaust myself.
OK. On to number 3....and it really is.

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