Saturday, April 21, 2012

Walls?!? We don' need no schtinkin' walls, man!

Ok....up with the birdies this am....because we have a new painting ready to get into, that's why.
And I am making muffins for breaky but am using applesauce instead of butter and it (applesauce) is frozen so we are thawing it in a pot on the stove on low......because we don't have a microwave, that's why.
And we are idly wasting time cruising the Internet while waiting for all to happen and came across this:

"Become an art collector in minutes:

s[edition] is a revolutionary new way to collect art in digital format by the world's leading contemporary artists.
And you can view your collection at any time - on your iPhone, Blackberry, iPad or TV. "

Well....that just about made the hair on the back of my fingers rise up. Eesh kabobbers....there is just something wa-a-a-ay too William Gibson in that statement for me. (personal icon of SF writers and the guy who coined 'cyberspace)
I think I 'get' what is happening here...someone has figured out a gimmicky way to make money by offering on-line 'art' to upload to the various toys-of-the-future we have now, although I am admittedly perplexed why you'd want to pay someone for this when you can get 1000s of images free but I get carried away as usual in the minutia of obviousness.
It's the whole idea of never having art around except on a 2" screen.
Not to actually SEE it up close and personal - the textures of the artist's brushstrokes or hand on clay etc., the visceral thrill of 'real' art hanging there or sitting there that you can touch, the vibrancy of color in real light, ...well, just the whole thing about a real piece of art that has presence.
And what, my impish brain asks, happens with the 'original' work? Does the 'uploader' become the owner? How? Is the original...destroyed? Or can anyone who pays, have it as a screen saver (ok, that's a bit sarcastic) and the 'creator' perpetually keep the 'original' home....on their wall....
Or do they sell it to an actual viewing human to hang on their wall....and what if that buyer doesn't want anyone else to have it as a 'screensaver' the 'others' have to delete their copy? Return the money??
My mind is reeling.
 I need a muffin.
And a cup of coffee to calm down.

PS...just want to add that I'm not being a trendy Luddite by not having a microwave...I just don't have one and would rather buy a canvas or two instead.
The pic is from some site called designer'sdecor....I think. I inadvertently deleted the connection after copying. If you are the person who took this little oh-so-perfect-illustration-of-my-topic, first: thank you and second: let me know and I will rectify.

PPS...the muffins are GREAT! I highly recommend using applesauce in place of butter for all your baking!

PPSS....Cooking tips and art.....just your all 'round bloggy gal here.

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