Saturday, February 27, 2010


Ok let me preface this by saying the earthquake's devastation to Chile is horrific and loss of life is never funny. Do your part to help if you can.

Over here on Canada's West Coast however.......
We are currently about 1 hr, give or take, away from a Tsunami arrival on our shore and it's causing the usual 'ho-hum' reaction this kind of thing engenders out this way. I actually didn't even know it was happening until I arrived home to find a message on my answer machine from friends in Victoria (down island) warning me to head for higher ground. Even CBC is breaking into scheduled radio broadcasts to update warnings.
And we west-coasters are riding out to the beach to go look and the surfer folk are heading out to ride those waves.
Ah, life on the edge.
I, some years long ago, came back to town after a trip away to Vancouver and decided to head to the beach close to where I was living at the time to just sit there and have a think. Unbeknownst to me, a Tsunami warning had been posted to head to higher ground - some businesses in town had actually shut down for the day. But there was I, the only soul on the beach by the way, looking at the waves and thinking to myself that the tide line seemed rather high.
Apart from the fact this was idiotic to the extreme; I wonder to this day what I would have thought or done even, if suddenly, large waves were fast approaching. You can't outrun them so it really would have been game over.

Anyway, today seems to be much the same sort of la-de-da maneuvering; although I did phone my upstairs flatmate and say if he saw largish waves approaching to bang on his floor and I'd grab Jams and head up there.
I'll update you all tomorrow.
Or maybe not, depending on how she goes.

Pic is Roy Lichtenstein's 'Drowning Woman'

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