Thursday, February 11, 2010


I'm not really sure what to title this little blather (I put the title up late into this) - I'm not even sure where I'm going with it ......however, I've been reconstructing a "Grey Whale" costume over the last few days. It's life size and fairly accurate too, so a 'big' job (ok, that was lame). I got this project as a result of the misuse by wearer/s of said costume during our Whale Festival here. That's a pretty major event in my area, with @ 10 days of various activities and events all surrounding the celebration of grey whales annual migration past our coast on their way to Alaska. The costume gets worn at these various events as "Knuckles" is the mascot. The people who actually own the costume lend it out to the Whale Festival with the stipulation that it gets cleaned at festival finish. What happened with that particular request was where all the problems ensued as the costume is built over a foam rubber core - NOT washable and the cleaners made an abysmal job of it. It was returned ripped, missing various pieces and, worse, the foam rubber was warped and completely messed up. Now baring the fact that you have to wonder what kind of 'professional' cleaners would do such a thing, what comes to my mind is the total lack of responsibility towards an item (expensive item) that has been generously loaned for the enhancement of the festival. I've also discovered that whoever wore it partied hearty in it as beer stains are all over the tongue (now there's a vision!) and for some unexplainable reason, there are red paint stains on it too. (I'm am seeing a large whale drinking beer and painting the town red as I write.....yep, another lame one....) What I've basically had to do, is, rip apart the costume, make new pattern pieces, reconstruct the warped foam, reinforce the ripped areas, remake 'barnacles' , and sew it all back together and as an added precaution I'm spraying the whole thing with silicon protective spray.

I guess what I'm trying to point out is how a mind works when dressed up. We all like to dress up; ok not all but most of us; and it's like becoming someone or something else and that feeling of freedom that comes along with taking on another 'self' kind of makes us go , well, crazy. It's like the chains are off from the usual constraints of decorum and add some booze into the mix, hoo boy! We gots trouble, baby! In some way, I completely understand the lure of wearing this fabulous costume and letting 'er rip but the other part of me - the one whose hands now ache from ripping vast miles of seams - wants to really 'whale' on the idiot/s who did this. (And again..lame. But the temptation!)

Mind you maybe I should thank them too as it's given me a good paying job!

I think when I return the finished and 'newly' reconstructed costume, I shall include a recommendation that "No Partying Allowed" tag needs to be applied.

Then again, this fix-up could turn into an 'whale of a time' for me. (Ah I can't resist...)

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