Thursday, February 4, 2010

Out with the old - In with the New

I've reinvented myself today. A new haircut - that's a major thing for me after many years of long hair and a decidedly new attitude to go along with it.
Well, a lot of this is because of what has been happening re my father and dealing with his failing health and decided journey of his end of days. A lot of things have been discovered by my brother and me over the last month in the handling of what the end of life is for your parent. We have also uncovered hidden secrets and feelings that were unknown to us. It is a strange way to grasp the realization you have lived in a world of secrecy and lies......but you can choose to be beaten down or rise above and I've decided on the latter.
So: The haircut has actualized in a most visible way this decision to take on a new viewpoint.
And I'm feeling pretty strong that now I'm shooting for the stars.
....and I really like the added touch of the 'blue finger'

1 comment:

  1. Hey Girlie, You are the original re-inventor....good looks on the new hair do etc., me thinks you are getting younger, now that is a good thing... have you met my friend Dorian Gray?!!
    hugs, Judith.