Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'M ALIVE! (Jams is too...)

( Ah Ha puny human.....the peelow iz mine!)
Right, by now everyone pretty much gets Jams and I survived the big Tsunami......bit of a non-event really. It's not the first time we've had these warnings come to naught....which worries me slightly. What happens when it really means it; after all , predictions are pointed towards the probability of a major catastrophic wave hitting us. But if this sort of thing keeps up we'll all be shopping at the CoOp as usual and end up being washed out to sea in a raft of frozen food......rather a "Crying Wolf " scenario, if you catch my meaning.
However, here it is 5am and I'm wide awake.
You'd think this kind of thing keeps me up at night with worry.
Actually it has more to do with Jams bouncing off my head after being outside doing cat stuff and feeling like she needed to tell me all about it. Sort of like your drunk room mate coming home at 4 am and stumbling into your room breathing alcohol fumes (and more) in your face to blather on all about their wild night in sickeningly graphic detail or to profess their undying and eternal love for you but not in THAT way. Jams, not being gifted with the power of speech, chooses to waft her butt by my nose and kneed her claws across my shoulders.
That usually works.
So now I'm up and she's crashed out on the wool blanket on the couch by the pc.
What's wrong with this picture?

Painting is 'Cat by Francisco Marques'...just makes me think of Jams right at the moment

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