Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ah, you're an ARTIST....*SNEER*................

Took my files to the accountant the other day....this is never my favorite thing to do and not because it's TAX time or having to hand over your hard earned moola to the government so that they can continue to cut all Art programs and beef up the Military- but I digress - no, I find this a particularly unpleasant chore because, invariably, the accountant treats me with such obvious disregard.
And I am wondering why. I pay my taxes; I might not make very much but I'm very up front about what I earn and I keep very tidy and straightforward files - as opposed to getting it all higgledy-piggely in a shoebox - and I pride myself on doing so.
So, why should the moment I mention that I'm an "ARTIST", does the face and demeanor of said accountant change to something like a bad smell is present? Am I less worthy than any n'er-do-well living a dissolute life on welfare? I cannot fathom the reaction I have continuously received every year; oh and to make it clear, we seem to have a revolving line up of different accountants coming out here to the wild west coast.
It makes me wonder if these accountants get some strange class on "ARTISTS-How to deal with the most louche citizens of all."
I wonder if Leonardo Da Vinci was alive today whether he'd get the same reception?
I ALSO wonder what these folks hang on their walls....old accounting tapes from Bill Gates? P'robly so........

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