Sunday, February 14, 2010

All You Need is Love......and a $ 4.95 card from Hallmark's

....chocolates work too!
Ah, Valentine's Day. A day of homage to "prove you love" someone. At the risk of sounding bitter - and since I'm not getting any 'tokens' considering I'm single - (and Jams lets these kind of things pass on by), I just might.
What has always struck me as somehow "cheesy" about this day, is how so many get manufactured items of love to give to their sig. other and how it happens only on this day. What about the rest of those 364 days? And if a card or box of choccies is the best way you have to express love of someone.....well, pathetic comes to mind.
I guess what I'm saying is that taking for granted that one person who stands beside you on this crazy journey for every day but one - and then only that day because it's expected - seems sad.
Also there is really a decided lack of creativity going on here.
So, in order to give some of you a helping hand from the creative juiciness of myself and not getting crazy like suggesting trips to foreign climes, may I suggest the following:
1. A picnic in some fantastic the park or the beach or the backseat of your car overlooking said fantastic spot (for inclement weather) and if putting together a picnic seems beyond your capabilities, trot on down to local eatery/deli and tell them you need help in this regard. Baring that and $ constraints, PB & J sammies with beer and cuddles at said locations works too. BUT! Don't get sloshed if you're driving.
2. Candles. LOTS of candles. Light them up in your bathroom, make a lot of bubbles in the tub, get some champagne and make sure big fluffy towels and a rug are there and I guarantee love vibes will flow! Good music playing a must.
3. Take a walk (slow leisurely) together. Preferably under big umbrella in rain and end up at a wee cafe (if it has fireplace score 10) where you can laugh and gaze at each other while reminiscing about the time/moments you've shared.
4. Go on a 'Mystery' tour. Everyone always has some part of city/town/hamlet they wished they could go to/ never been to locally. So take said 'other' on a surprise tour to said location (but it has to be theirs!) and play Christopher Columbus for a day - afternoon - whatever. And buy the goofiest trinket as memento of said discovery day.
Ok, that should get you started.
You can thank me later.

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