Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Take Another Shot....

Ok, well the good news is it's NOT rheumatoid arthritis....but it is arthritis never the less.
And what the flaming paintbrush am I talking about?
Well, I have been watching my fingers slowly twisting and the joints getting all 'knobby' over the last few months and noticing after an extended bout of painting that my right hand and arm ache like some old time granny's bunions in a storm, so I finally went to Dr. to get this checked out. Now you have to realize that, for me, losing the use of my hands is the WORST nightmare......and I'm rather freaked out by anything suggesting this happening. The 'foot and mouth' painters - god bless them - make me shiver. So going to the doc and getting this looked at was really worrisome for me. I got sent for blood work (and there was a 'Twilight' experience - 10 flippin' vials later...) and x-rays of my hands, which was cool as the technician guy let me see the pics after....anyway, I got the results today and the verdict was as stated above.
So now I'm on an 'anti-inflammatory' drug - and by the great gods above, reading the possible side affects are enough to make your hair turn white overnight...oh wait, mine is already......yes, indeed.
I'm feeling a bit like the illustration heading this missive. (that's 'Gala' by Dali)
So what does this all boil down to?
Besides a dietary change - we knew that had to happen - and exercise - we knew that too - I will no longer be able to paint my marathon session way anymore.
And it's going to be hard to make myself stop after just a couple of hours every day. I mean, I love spending my days in the studio lost in painting and listening to CBC or a 'talking book'.
Mind you, the alternative was losing painting altogether, so what am I whining about.
It just seems after searching and trying and struggling for so many years to reach this point in my art career where I'm about to go into the BIGGEST show of my life -kablooie - this happens.
(Ah, let me revel in my misery for just a bit)
OK...over it now.
This may make some interesting things happen, the very least I no longer will have to embroider the amount of time it takes to create a painting........2 months? 3 months? More?

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