Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Born To Be Wi-i-i-ld

In my endless (and completely enjoyable yet procrastinating) trolling of the Internet for the unusual, bizarre, and strange, I found this gem. It brought back the memory of my one and only (rebel gal that I am) occasion of being expelled from High School.
Now, I'm one of those strange critters that actually liked school; well except for Math as I most decidedly have a right hand brain - I knew that me and Math were doomed from the get-go as I cheated on a Gr. 1 test (and the boy I cheated from ratted me out -the swine!); anyway, I did like school mainly because by the time High School whipped around I got to choose my subjects and loaded the plate with Art, Drawing, Graphic Design, Creative Writing and the like thereby ensuring graduating on the Honor Roll (True Story!)
So, yes, and we continue: by the time Gr. 10 was happening - 1969 and that should give you a clue - I was completely "Hippy-Arty" and made my own strange outfits and jewellery. In 1969 (I mention again) the fashion of the day was for LARGE and flamboyant accessories. I made my own earrings. And they were LARGE and flamboyant.
The particular day of the 'expulsion', I wore my latest creation to school. I made these earrings of note from 2 old wooden curtain rings, wildy painted and glossed to a deep shine. They hung down to my shoulders.
Yessir, cool was my middle name.
As the day progressed, I garnered many admiring comments and glances...well, in my mind, anyway.
And then my Art teacher noticed them.
Now you would think an 'Art' teacher would encourage these creative endeavors but this was way back in the 'dinosaur' years of repressive education. ie: Do NOT buck the system. Do NOT be unique.
So he bent down (I'm short) and picked up my earrings from my shoulders and in a sneering voice said "I think that these are unacceptable in a school environment and you need to go home to rethink your choice."
I stared at him uncomprehendingly for a moment...'Go home?' 'For earrings?'.......'OK! Sure!'
...and left school for a leisurely day of going down to 4th Ave (THE hippy hangout in Vancouver) and fooling around.
Still wearing my earrings.
Didn't have any birds , sadly, that really would have been cool, man!

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