Friday, February 26, 2010

The Eye of the Beholder

I don't have T.V. Well, I need to clarify that because I do have a T.V. but it's not hooked up to any cable mainly because in the weird little twilight zone that I inhabit, there is no cable reception. (don't get me started on what we don't high speed internet - grrrr) Anyway, you need one of those costly satellite dish thingies and invariably lose reception due to the many wind storms the coast receives.
So my TV is for DVDs.
This is what I watch my library requests on. (I think I mentioned before that I get DVDs from my local Library -order on line- 5000+ titles 3 weeks for free -DEAL!) Personally, I have a love of BBC stuff. You know, from England. Home of majesties and tea and good pubs and strange up-tight behavior.
OK moving right along......As I watch these shows I'm struck by how the actors/people are so, well for lack of a better word, ordinary. They are all shapes and sizes and they have "bodily flaws". You know, like wrinkles and receding hairlines and potbellies and double chins and for all I know, flatulence. My point being is : they are just like us.
How refreshing!
I am so tired of Hollywood stereotypical actor/people - beautiful, flawless, perfectly coiffed - even in the morning after wild sex and rolling around fighting - everyone is becoming a cookie cutter cut out> the same the same the same.
But what's worse is , this is what we have all come to believe is the goal of image......we're on our way to becoming robots for sure!
So, may I recommend you watch some POIROT or MISS MARPLE or anything BBC-ish.
You'll see what humankind actually looks like and feel better for it.
Pass the popcorn, Jeeves!

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