Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hope the door don't slam you in the butt on your way out...human scum.

Just finished watching fantastic DVD from the Library (did I happen to mention I get my DVDs from there - over 5000 titles to choose from-3 weeks-for free!!) Titled "Life After People" from the History channel. A documentary (or is it a 'mock'-umentary if it's supposition?) about what could conceivably happen if all humanity disappeared from the Earth. Now that sounds a bit depressing except it was strangely uplifting. Because Nature would just take it all back. Baring the first 50 or so years of sorting out the animal situation, ie: dogs getting back to their origins ( unfortunately your basic little lap dog is doomed-sorry Fifi) learning to hunt - cats are ok they already have that down - and all the other critters that would be moving back into abandoned cities which were their territories to begin with and etc as plant life reclaims the landscape - I found the idea that good old Mother Nature would heal all the unfathomable crap we humans have caused to our planet as comforting. The Oceans would revive and our air would clean and it would be healthy again. Buildings and super structures (bridges etc) would crumble as the materials used to construct them decayed. And trees would grow all over.
Yeah. A bit 'post apocalyptic Eden-ish'. Great computer graphics in this too.
It was interesting to ponder that we as a species have a time limit - vastly immortal though we believe we are.
However, do you know what we would leave as a lasting monument to our excistence? Not the pyramids, or books or any structures as time would take them all.......and this just underlines why maybe we need to go........plastic.
Yep. So think about it when you next have a coffee in that styrofoam cup from Starf*cks..oopsie, did I write that.....anyway, plastic never never never never (ok you catch my drift) decays.
Holy archeology, what a great legacy for humankind.
On the other hand, this bodes well for my paintings being around for some time to come!......Not that Leo Lion, Betty Bear or Lamont Lizard will care.

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