Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Who's That Girl?

I was out to dinner last night with my gal-pals; the sustaining friends throughout the last 10 years of my life. Good good women. Anyway, when I got home and was downloading the excitement of the evening; ok, and the fact I drank 2 strong coffees after dinner; I went on line and Googled myself. Admit it, we all do this. (It's some strange impulse to see if we're really as much of a big deal as we think we are.) Now usually, when I get this impulse, I see all the Galleries I'm in or the articles I've appeared in or the arty events I'm participating in but this time I clicked on "Images" to see what would appear. The usual stuff of the Galleries, articles etc. did come up (where was this blog??) but what really threw me for a loop was the photo of some strange woman with my name......not that anyone would consider this odd but I have a fairly unique name. There is no other Marla Thirsk out there I am sure and willing to bet the bank on not that I have any money but let's just get on with the story.......Anyway, I clicked on this "doppelganger" and got directed to my Classmates page. (Classmates is where you can try to reconnect with old school chums.) Now, my own photo did come up on my page but I'm left wondering who in the wide world of odd things, is this woman? And why is her photo coming up on my IMAGES search? AND! why is she wearing my name?

I find this somewhat disturbing. Almost "Picture of Dorian Grey"ish. (I really have way to active an imagination)
Twilight Zone would have had a field day with this.

...I also found a "Marla Hotel" and gotta say I was really intrigued by that! However the site was all in German and very confusing so I couldn't figure out exactly where this place was. Too bad! I wonder if they'd offer a discount....?

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