Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Beula, peel me a grape.

'Beula', what a great old fashioned name! Like 'Eustace'. Or 'Madge'. Does anyone name their kid 'Madge'? My Grandmother's name was 'Calista" but that's seen a rise in popularity since Calista Flockhart. Ex pop-in-law's name is 'Stallard' which is pretty trippy. Or how about 'Effedrina"? There's a moniker for you.
OK, completely off topic; whatever it is.
Been struck down by the mother of them all colds over the last 4 (5?) days. Where everything runs but you can't blow your nose it's so stuffed up - weird that - and all the attending aches and etcs that come along for the ride. Bleah.
And I just laid on the couch staring at my next painting waiting waiting waiting......
Anyway, I thought that the worst part of this whole "sick" business was that I am single and there was no-one to send to the store for "mercy" trips ; like some Popsicles for the sore throat or another trashy magazine or more Kleenex or drugs.....the legal kind.
Which made it all even worser.....and I know that's not a word but it fits.
We need some kind of service for times like this. A "Rent-a-?? Something" that you can call in for the duration to fetch and tuck and coddle. Oh yah, and is sworn to secrecy about how revolting you look while you lie there like an old melted shoe.
Opportunity here folks! If you could put up with whiners like me, that is.
Ah well. This too shall pass.

"Beula, peel me a grape" comes from an old Marx Bros movie...does anyone remember them?
Now I'm really worser.


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