Monday, August 31, 2009

So,What Comes Next?

Tonight I watched an excellent documentary called "Flock Of Dodos" - which gave an interesting view on the eternal debate about Evolution verses Creationism or, in the "new age" parlance, "Intelligent Design" which is the argument that nature and this world and all life is so complex that we can't explain it and therefore there is "something/higher power" in control. The documentary chronicled the Kansas State Debate of what to teach in schools; where this controversial subject usually raises it's little head. OK. I'm not debating this - it's rather one of those 'nobody can ever agree' things depending on your belief system and we ALL have something we cling to in this crazy life- it's a choice.
Nope, not going to dive into that murky pool.
What evolution always makes me wonder about is: Is it still happening? Or have we come to the final design here? Is some very very very future human going to look completely different (but still recognizable) from what we are now from those early humans? I mean, we seem to be mostly unchanged for some 3000+ years, and I'm making a conservative estimate I think, and I know that evolutionary change is very slow to happen but I just think there might be something that would be evident about change by now. That is, if we are.
Does anyone know or wonder about this besides me? Does anyone study stuff like this? NOT all the old species stuff but whether we and animal life is changing still.
I know we live longer nowadays but I think that's mostly due to a better understanding of nutrition and healthy living as opposed to body redesign.
So, if anyone is out there that might know, I'd sure like this answered.
And I'll now start picturing future!

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