Saturday, August 29, 2009


I mean in a painterly sense, not in the tobacco one...although I do crave one every time I finish a painting.....sigh.
OK. I am LOVING this series and am already planning the next one to start tomorrow. This one is called "Walkies" and is inspired by the many times Mom would comment that her dogs gave her much more pleasure than her children ever did. AND that I should learn to groom poodles when the art career didn't work.
Ah Mom. She was really not a happy camper. I think that she had such a 'fairy tale" idea of what life with kids and all that was supposed to be that the reality of it all just made her more and more miserable. I really miss not being able to talk about all this with her. Who knows, maybe she just never would have.
You can see I'm still changing the face....seems to help as long as I don't start to fool with it at night while I look at it.......this actually is a very respected and time honored arty thing we artists do. I mean sit and look endlessly at our finished work - Rothco would spend days looking at his even after just 1 brush stroke.
I personally take mine to bed with me.

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