Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Time, Time, Time

I've been delving into my old trunk that's full of letters and school memorabilia and collectibles and birthday cards, looking for more old photos for this series that's got me so all fired up when by golly look what I found!
This was a self-portrait I did in 1971 when I was lord, seems like forever ago.
Honestly if there is ever the faint chance I may be written about someday, this old trunk is a goldmine of my history. What is the thing that makes me treasure all these bits? Goofy photos of myself from the dawn of life to now - what a chameleon I am. I think I've had just about every hairstyle and outfit going. Letters, man, a LOT of letters; some great old memories in these almost disappeared form of communication. Pics of the boys from the baby days that make me get all weepy. Birthday cards for heaven sake! I can't even remember some of the people who sent them.....
What in god's name am I doing with all of this.
I suppose it all will make sense at some point. Or be a real headache to deal with.
Anyway, it's a treat to find little surprises like this painting. How raw the talent was.
Sure nailed my little blobby nose tho!

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