Friday, August 7, 2009

Difficult things take a long time, impossible things a little longer

HA! Thank the great spirit for making me a real stubborn cuss.
Boy have I had a battle.......
I was NOT giving up on that painting and after a long rant about the frustration of the whole "face" thing to my very dear long time friend who said to me at one point, "Marla! Paint freeking Benjamin Franklin's face instead!", I realized that I was lost in the "never gonna win" idiocy game that hits me every once in a while. And that comment about Ben Franklin made me think I needed to approach this in a completely new viewpoint. Forget the "face of Mother" and look at it with new eyes.
So I blew up the old photo to 600 times it's original size (it's only 2" X 3" panic!) and played around with the shapes of the shades on the face and that's how I nailed it.

Mind you it's still early evening and I might change my mind by bedtime.......
The curse of ART!

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