Saturday, August 22, 2009

I Think She's Got It! By George, She's Got It!

" TELEPHONE CALL" Rita Series #2
Ah, sweet smell of success....or whatever. Pretty pleased with my second one in my Rita Series....did redo face @ 7 times and then completely erased it and redrew the whole thing...stayed up until 5 am one night ( and was rocked off my pins when I saw what time it was...that's a weird feeling to have your sense of reality shift. This has happened a few times in my life. Once I remember I walked out to the compost pile to dump the veggie scraps one morning and there was this huge and dead raccoon lying there but what I focused on were the paws of the creature. Don't know if anyone has seen raccoon paws, but they are extremely human-ish. So I momentarily thought it was a child.....ooga -totally creepy! That made my whole time sense and position in space go right into another dimension before I realized it was a raccoon!
And if I walk into a wall at night, that does it too. As well as smacking my head on something - because I'm so short that's a pretty rare occurrence for me.
So anyway.
This painting has an oddly troublesome story to go with it. It was inspired by a memory of a telephone call my mother once took then she handed the phone to me. On the other end was a fellow who thought I was his girlfriend and he proceeded to talk "inappropriately" ......and I was 14 at the time and very very shy and this whole thing majorly traumatized me. My mother was laughing her guts out in the other room meanwhile.
To this day I hate telephones.
Honestly, I feel like a Gothic thriller at times.
But what "grist for the mill", so to speak.
Got lots of that.
...... and now for painting #3........(I feel like a wildly cackling laugh should follow that sentence).

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