Thursday, August 13, 2009

OH! LOOK! There's another gizmo for my collection!

I got to thinking about collecting after my last post; you know, how we seem to like "collections" of....well, things. From the sublime to the ridiculous it seems from my troll around the Internet. (and who doesn't LOVE the Internet for being the BEST in finding the most amazing crap out there...I spend HOURS on the damn thing...ok well anyway...) I happen to like collecting stuff. Who knows why. I have about 11 teapots so far. I don't particularly like tea, I just like teapots. This started with an old old old one from my Mom. It's so old that when I tried to make tea in it once, it was close to the most foul stuff I've ever had. Beautiful pot though, hand painted enamel over clay - maybe Japanese?? - no marks on it to say. Then my big hand made pottery one I got at the "Renaissance Fair" in Courtenay, B.C. and that's been defunct for 20 years now. And it just went on from there. Most have been given to me - old no-longer-wanted kind of thing. And my 2nd hand store finds...#1 rule: cheap! and funky!
If I ever learn pottery, it will be to make teapots.
Now I'm sitting here thinking about all the other things I have collected. Of course my old trunk with all the photos and etc from my life,there is also: hats (don't particularly look good in them, just like them), books (love to read), beach shells, beach floats, magazine clippings (boxes of this as I do collage work), pottery, old things: 1920s sewing machine, 1900s pendulum clock, opera glasses, 1890s lamp, 1900s meat grinders, coffee grinder, tins, scales...ok enough already!
I haven't even touched on the visual arty kitsch I have all over my little apt. Or the art accouterments for all the assorted art things I do.

...and I hate to dust.

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