Saturday, July 4, 2009

Words of Wisdom

I like words. I use them a lot in the collage work I do. And I'm a voracious reader. The way they look in different fonts, the way they sound rolling around your tongue, all good. (charioscuro...mmmmm)
I am a secret poem writer because I can play with the visual sound of words...."cold clacked" is a small phrase that still resonates in my mind from a poem I wrote @ 16 years ago.
I wrote and illustrated my own books when I was a young child (I wonder what happened to those? They had lots of dogs and adventures if I remember)
And words have such power don't they? What we are called, what we call out when angry/hurt/sad; what these words mean or do to us.
And the overwhelming amount of words now swirling about in cyberspace from Blogging.
Words......just one little mark that can change so much when put together.
That's Art too, isn't it?

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