Friday, July 17, 2009

How Long, Oh Lord, How Long....

Well after 3 days of pc hell consisting of a blown modem, phone calls to Tech Support and finally a 1 1/2 hr trip to the next big city able to handle pc problems and a day dealing with that....I'm reeling in the "how long" world. Add to that my phone call to Telus to actually pin down why high speed is STILL not available to us here in the wilds of Millstream (and just to further frustration - 5 mins away is Ukee proper with HS; 3 mins away is the junction with HS and 5 mins across the bay is the First Nations reserve with HS as well...) you can see why. Telus does have a reason that makes not a lick of sense so I've requested a "big kahuna" to phone me with a real in depth conversation on this topic. It beggars belief that I'm dealing with outdated technology that now impedes the functioning of my world because of a strange map geometry.
I feel as though I should be out feeding the dinosaurs...
Other than that, I am once again (!) battling with my weight. I actually figured out that I've been dieting in some form or another for 40 years now.....who's the idiot in this picture?
I suppose I could just accept the fact that my genetic makeup and propensity to chocolate and fresh baked bread is basically going to do me in whatever I attempt and the fact that I generally sit at an easel to create, but a part of me is yelling "IDIOT! LAZY FOOL! TAKE RESPONSIBLITY FOR YOURSELF!" and god knows, that voice has pretty much saved my ass most of my life.
I was once an alcoholic drug addict and was fast tracking myself to death at an early age when that voice finally made me take stock about where and what was going on in my life. I changed my life around by listening and taking responsibility and doing the one best thing I had ever done in my life - ART. Life just got down and rolled in ecstasy at my feet the moment I did that.
So when folks whine and moan about how awful their life is, I kind of am unsympathetic. I empathise (I know I've been at the bottom of the well myself) but you are the captain of your own ship and you can change your life.
So, I guess I'd better listen up again.
I'm just wondering how long, oh Lord, it's going to take for me to finally just get it together.
I did order some exceptionally cool runners tho!
Things are looking up.

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