Sunday, July 5, 2009


I was thinking about fame last night while I stared up into the evening skies in hopes of seeing the Space Station fly on by - in case no one knows, my cousin Bob Thirsk who was Canada's 4th astronaut is currently up there - Bob is pretty "famous" I'd say. (And he's a really really great person just on his own. Love you, Bob!) In my family the joke is that I'm the "other famous Thirsk"...ha ha ha. Anyway, what I'm getting to is the actual idea of fame. Is it the "holy grail' of existence? It can be a fairly onerous crown to wear if we remember Marilyn Monroe or even see what happened to Michael Jackson (there was a tortured soul). I admit to hoping for some myself - I created the piece "Let Go" for the Sooke Fine Arts Show in the fervent desire to get myself known/discovered. Honestly, maybe it's the hope that money would no longer be such a sword over my neck every month (ah...the life of an artist) And I admit to liking seeing myself in the local papers.
But, and but again, do I want /am I ready to be swallowed up by the really close scrutiny of minute details of your life this brings?

.......I need to lose some weight......

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