Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lo how the mighty are fallen

Well, we didn't make the cut for the Sooke show. So much for the fame of my earlier post, sigh. Definitely bummed and my bruised ego has been coddled by really-bad-for-you-food; but we shall live to paint another day. I did "Humpies" yesterday during this crisis. I like to say that artists are the bravest people in the world because a slap down is pretty much part of the lifestyle and we keep on going.
So what is it that keeps us persevering in the face of all the odds against success?
Is it the hunger in the soul that commands "CREATE" or an "I'll show you!" attitude or "who cares what they think" thing?
Pretty much all of them I'd say.
And those of you out there that say "I paint what I want-money means nothing" are full of it because money DOES mean something. Haven't run across any artist yet that's turned down fortune or fame because "money means nothing to them".
OOPS, we're starting to sound bitter.
The truth is this: We will continue to create no matter what the barriers or set-backs or awards or recognition because we honestly have no choice BUT to create.
And I can live with that.

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