Monday, July 6, 2009


I have a certain ritual I go through right before starting new artwork; mainly consisting of reorganizing and clean-up, this ritual seems to also "clear' my head and prep me for the upcoming creative whirlwind. It's been making me think about what other "rituals" we have. Mornings usually include a certain one of how you get up and approach the day (coffee!!) and again, at day's end there is how you get ready for sleep. I'm sure there are lots of these little rituals we perform throughout our days that we don't even realize that this is what they are.
Why.......? What is it that makes us establish route actions to what we do? Is this some throwback to our long-ago days as we huddled together in smelly caves and needed ritual to make the scary world have a sense of order/safety for us?
Does a certain way of doing something make it ...well, better? I know I lay my paints out in a certain way; even as to how I prep the canvas.
Will breaking this routine make for better painting?
I'll have to see right after I make my coffee and write this blog...........

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  1. I think the routine conserves the enormous amount of energy required to remember and brainstorm.

    Preservation of what's inside so that passive comes the world outside, and creation is a flow, rather than a compartmentalization for safe keeping and rainy days...

    I'm confused. I have an original Marla Thirsk entitled "Kingdom of Infinite Space". I see another one on here with the same name.

    The confusion to the curators of the future will probably land it a higher price at your post-humous auctions.

    I love Fleur.