Friday, July 31, 2009

There Are Aliens Amongst Us

I'm pretty focused when I'm creating. Takes a lot to get my attention away from the project at hand so when I saw the slight movement out of the corner of my eye this morning, it really made me take notice. There coming across the carpet towards me was the biggest freaking "thing" with large antenna and hind legs .....well, I gave this kind of loud expletive and jumped and so did the "thing". Turns out it was a very large cricket.....honestly, the biggest cricket I've ever seen. Any cricket I've seen before has been about 1" maybe but I swear this thing seemed enormous! I'm usually not too "girly" about such crickets actually, but the size of this thing really took me aback. So all day I've been hunting this critter, expecting it to leap out at me...anyway after a bit of a comedy routine involving Jams and myself in the last 1/2 hr.,
I finally trapped it in a glass and released the poor thing outside.
As I recall this whole episode, I mainly am thinking about the hind legs of the creature....they were so large and the cricket was moving them in a "walking" motion ...very alien. Our weather has been unseasonably warm and I'm wondering if this has anything to do with how big the damn thing was.
Talk about some science fiction weirdness come alive.........
By the way I measured it in the glass I captured it in and allowing for the bend in it's large legs it turns out to be 4" in length.
Truly amazing!

I wonder how loud it's song would have been?

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