Friday, July 10, 2009

Design Flaws

I'm thinking about design flaws as yet again I've smacked the living jeez out of my baby toe on the table leg.....I'm surprised it hasn't fallen off I've done that so often; anyway, it makes me wonder about how we are designed. There is so much I'd change given the chance at "design' - like this is a reality but let's just go with the possibilities of imagination, ok?
First: I'd like 4 arms and hands. Now that would be useful. And I've heard it said many times "Boy, I need an extra pair of hands..." I just like the thought that I'd be able to drink some coffee (it would still be hot!) and keep on painting at the same time. And carry all the fleeping paraphernalia that Artists cart about with them.
Second: eyes in the back of my head. And you know you want that too for innumerable reasons.
Third: and now we're getting strange, I think all women should have tits of uniform small size. (I can hear the groans) It would stop the incessant obsession guys have on tits and would make bra/swimsuit/top shopping so much easier. Big sure doesn't mean they work better and they wouldn't end up somewhere next to the cat dish when you bend over/ get old etc.
Fourth: Guy's penises should be a dolphin say. Think about it now; save the "goolies" from all sorts of embarrassing/dangerous/stupid things.
Fifth: Fur. We should've kept the fur. (you know, hairy ancestor stuff) It would save endless amounts of time dressing (yay) and all the assorted idiot stuff that the fashion industry has foisted on us. Mind you, I expect we would find a way to fool with the fur as much as we do with the hair we have now. And probably fashion would rear it's ugly head again....
Sixth: Gills. Just makes sense to me. Our world is mainly water...why don't we fit our world?
Ok, I could go on and on with all this sort of thing. It just makes me think how goofy we are as a design for life in a way....maybe in some far off time (if we don't blow ourselves to kingdom come) we will all be genetically given choices to have a new design.
Sure will make people watching interesting.....

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