Monday, July 20, 2009

Perchance to Dream

I dream deeply and I'm one of those people who remembers dreams too. I can taste in my dreams and read in my dreams and write in my dreams ( the things "they" say you can't) and sometimes I wake myself up because I'm laughing so hard in my dreams, I'm shaking. When I was younger I had devastating nightmares; mostly to do with drowning and there's another post) ; so I taught myself to lucid know, where you know you are dreaming so you actively participate/change the dream. I've even written music in my dreams.....but I don't think I can even sing in my dreams. HA! (Family joke for the boys)
BUT!I don't get the thing about dying in your sleep as being so "great" as with the kind of dreams I have it fleeps me out to think I might get stuck in one of the wilder ones....forever! EEP.
SO! What this is all leading to is, I am musing about the actual "thing" of dreaming. I know we all dream, animals dream too - I watch Jams twitch and growl and stuff when she's sleeping - I wonder if birds dream? Anyway, the whole point is: WHY? (and yes, I know it's the blow off the stress of daily life/issues/bla bla - which brings up why my cat would have this stress to blow off when her life is pretty easy if you ask me.....) It just seems that we run around all day with the old monkey brain buzzing away and 80 gazzillion little inconsequential thoughts zinging around and I just think that when you go to bed at night a calm "nothingness" would be so much more beneficial.
God knows, I'd like to shut down occasionally.

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