Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Alternate Reality

My cat firmly believes that if the weather is not to her liking out the front door, the back door is bound to open onto a day of sun and endless cat nirvana possibilities.
She does this without fail every time it rains here, and as it's the west coast of Van. Island, that's fairly often.
I read a lot of science fiction so the idea of alternate reality isn't a new idea for me and it has me thinking, as I watch Jams, yet again, attempt to change her world by using the back door, that being able to change your reality by using a different door would be pretty handy. Just think how cool it would be to walk through another door into that "other" life you might have had but for the twists and turns that we have with the choices we made.
This does raise some questions though, such as: could you return? would that life really be any better than the one you have now? and, most importantly, if you had a door #2 to choose from, why have a "door" at all?
I think what I'm trying to say is, why not change the life you have to one you want right here? I know there are lots of "touchy-feely" books out there all about this kind of thing but in truth it's as easy as making the decision to change.
And I speak from experience. (but that's a whole other post)
We are the captains of our own ship so the control is in our hand and I don't care who or what you are; we all have free will.
(and I can now hear the voices saying " not if you're handicapped or whatever or etc etc . I'm pretty sure I could argue for free will in homelessness but let's use a bit of sense)
So, today I'm just thinking about choices and where they've taken me. I've done some real bone-headed moves that cost a lot in conscience but I also changed the whole fibre and route of my life by deciding (at 40 for crying out loud) to believe in the one good thing about myself that had ever brought me the best happiness in my life.
And that was being an Artist.
Haven't wanted to close this door since going through it and I never will.

PS. Jams is really pissed at me when she finds out the back door only leads into more of the same.....

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