Tuesday, December 14, 2010

You Know That Dream Where You're Naked in Front of Everyone...?

......well, in my case it's true.
I woke up this morning thinking about, well, pajamas. Or perhaps, lack thereof.
:Ok, now I'm going to depart personal information so for those of you with sensitive psyches, skipping over the next couple of sentences is advised:
I've slept in the nude since I was 15 , not that big a deal except for staying at friend's homes - and if they're reading they will be glad to know I have some 'go-away-night-wear' that I use (and, sorry, discard part way through the night) - Anypleasestopthevisualsway, the thing is, I'm unable to sleep well if I have clothes on and so still sleep sans clothing to this day. Now when you are young and gorgeous - and we are all GORGEOUS when young - this is not strange. However, now that I'm approaching those 'holy-crapola-what's-up-with-this-body' state, it is not, um, so visually lovely for others. And I've started thinking that - gods and goddesses forbid - if something happens and emergency personnel are needed or a swift escape from the home environs is required.......I'm going to make that dream come true.
EEEeeesh. This could prove to be awkward; even more so than my usual strange behavior.
As a result of this realization, I shall be endeavoring to try to find some kind of night clothing that I will be comfortable and able to sleep in.
I'll keep you posted.
........you are riveted with this, n'est pas?
The painting: "Pink Sleep Leave" by Joshua Park Bronaugh - who I can't find out too much about so I'm assuming he is young and unknown. I like his title. I used to be a 'pink sleep leave' kinda girl but sadly have transformed into more of a 'wrinkly blotchy sleep leave'.


  1. We promise not to have a house fire next time you are staying in the West Wing. And remember there are robes in the closet : )
    Hugs, Sue