Saturday, December 25, 2010


It's 6:30 a. m.! I'm worse than a 4 year old! May I wish you all a heart as full of the wonder of Life as a 4 year old always!

"The Creative Spirit creates with whatever materials are present. With food, with children, with building blocks, with food, with children with building blocks, with speech, with thoughts, with pigment, with an umbrella, with a wineglass or a torch. We are not craftsmen only during studio hours, anymore than man is wise only in his library or devout only in his church. The material is not the sign of the creative feeling for life; of the warmth and sympathy and reverence which foster being; techniques are not the sign. The sign is the light that dwells within the act, whatever it's nature or medium."
M.C. Richards

May your walls know joy; may every room hold laughter and every window open to great possibility."

OK, Jammies is sitting by the tree....obviously she figures it's time to open some prezzies, especially that tin of gourmet kitty num-nums.....

Warmest regards, oh dear and faithful reader!

The painting is "Of Men and Angels" by James C. Christensen who is better known for his very detailed odd characters holding fish on a leash. It was a delight to discover he also paints these beautiful angel paintings....have a look!

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