Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm So-o-o Tired, I Think I'll Have A Drink....

(Opening title: The Beatles) Except make mine a double shot Americano.....
Ah boy, what is with being extra tired because of getting all the prep for the Gala done as well as 'the outfit' - was up until 12:30 last night -and then waking up early ? I've been up now since 6 a.m.
Sheesh. Mind you I do have some incidental stuff to do still and, yes, it gives me a mo' to post, so not all awful.
I was always an early morning person throughout my life. Even as a teenager (I know !), I took 'early morning classes', which was an option of starting school at 8 a.m. instead of the usual 9 and loved getting up at 6 to do the morning routine and leave home by 7 for the loooooong walk to school; which sounds like the ancient winge by 'old' folks and what school was like 'in their day' but I did seriously live over a mile away from my High School. AnywhatalongwindedbagIbeway, the point of this all is the fact I like early morning when most folks are still abed before the house and world get into the daily groove and you are still wrapped in comforting semi-quiet. Even Jams is still sleepy and is curled up behind me, her warmth seeping into my lower back while emitting little kitty farts.
So today is set-up day for the Gala tomorrow night and I will be loading up the trusty HUMUNGO van with art screens and easels and decorated boxes and trophies and tablecloths and equipment suitable to creating a visual extravaganza and heading off to local hall unload aforementioned and doing so.
Of course, and true to my decidedly 'Gemini' nature - my outfit has changed 3 times and I'm still stressing about it.....I think I have 'Marilyn Monroe' expectations on a 'Aunt Bea' body. Hence the dilemma; the constant dilemma.
I amuse myself highly.
Painting is: 'The Exhausted Maenads After The Dance' by Lawrence Alma Tadema and I'm fairly certain I will resemble this after tomorrow night.....or perhaps this afternoon.

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