Monday, December 20, 2010

At The sound Of The Tone, The Time Will Be....

Now my life gives me plenty of strange moments......I think it's my viewpoint on the world which is decidedly bent, for sure, however every once in a while even I shake my head.
Take this morning par example. I opened my eyes and thought "Sheesh, it's still dark out! I just fell asleep at 4! Gah!" (I believe I mentioned my sleep is all over the map - lately I've been sleeping for 3 hrs then awake reading for 4 then back to sleep another 3. That's not quite the recommended way of doing it.) So I was thinking to myself at this point it was like 5am or something. Imagine my brain machine when I looked at my clock to see it reading 9am.
9 am.
And it's still dark out.
IMMEDIATELY every stupid bizarre movie I've ever had the idiocy to watch rears it's freaky scenario in my head.
Clutching the aforementioned clock to my breast I stumble out of the tangled web I call my bed to go look.
And see the kitchen clock ticking away with the big hand at 6 and the little hand at 7......7:30 for those of you more digitally inclined.
And realize that the little lever on my (new to me) clock, that I thought was to lower the loudness of the ticking was, in reality, the speed setting to regulate the time.
Now, two things come to mind with this scenario:
1. Did I not notice the ticking was in no way affected.
2. I pushed the lever to the plus side. To lower the sound.
As I may have mentioned, I am decidedly odd.
Or may have been sent from a different planet and somewhat hazy on Earth subtleties.
Painting is "I'm so Hot" by Pauline Lim whom I like immensly. The title has nothing to do with this post in any way but the image is right on for how I feel right now.

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