Saturday, December 4, 2010

Oh God, sorry sorry sorry sorry

This cartoon says it all.
I was 'unpleasant' to be around yesterday while setting up the Gala event in the Community Center hall....sigh fructing sigh. I'm sure lack of sleep and perhaps lack of some essential elements (like graciousness) were tantamount in making me 'Queen Bee-itch'.
Oh god.
Well, I shall be bringing some wee trinket as an act of abasement to my fellow 'boardies' who are ALL worthy women that work just as hard or harder - than me - to ensure this major event goes off without any major damage.
So there we go with the public flagellation which in no way excuses the behavior...I will be more cognizant of this unfortunate trait rearing it's ugly head in my self.
Moving on.......
I am - yet again! (oh surprise!) - reworking the Gala outfit. And it's about 8 hrs 'till the Gala starts. Shall we insert wild manical laughter here? Yes, lets!
I'm bloody cursed.......

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