Saturday, December 18, 2010


That phrase has always sounded odd to me; why 'under' the weather to describe feeling ill? I envision a large dark cloud pressing down on you or some such. Damp and oozily cold. Bleah.
I AM feeling 'spla' today, though. I think because I was at an Arts Society meeting last night - and , oh for all that is short and sweet - why must meetings drag on for-e-v-a-h....? The meeting was a semi Xmas party so there were 'treats' to be had; the sugary sweet and yummy kind. Which I ate. And ate some more.
Consequently, I spent the night with a stomach invaded by an electric beater kind of thing (the noises! the gas! The horror! Perhaps a good thing to be single right now.) Am not much chirpier this a.m. It's a warm-sweater-and-sweatpants day on the couch for me....and a good book. I'm certain most of this comes from the plethora of calorie laden, high fat/sugar foods so prevalent at this time of year....well, that and my inability to "just say no!" to any and all of the above.
I am one of those blessed types that do not get sick maybe a cold/flu thing every 2 to 3 years.....even when going to school I had perfect attendance for years running. However I have had some real doozies when seriously ill - double pneumonia when 4 and almost dying from a botched gall bladder operation some 5 years ago. But as you see, there is a long time between those events.
(and I had my first kid in 6 hrs, but this isn't about 'Mommy Olympics'.....moving right along....)
In any case, I shall 'enjoy' this excuse to lie low today. Jams is right chuffed being able to 'cat nap' all day curled up in the comfy comforter on the not-so-much comfy couch. I shall look at the next 'Ice Cream Series' painting waiting for paint and that will keep me from lying here too long.....well that and the thought that folks need it for week away.
The painting: " The Sick Child" by Edvard Munch. Yes, that guy famous for "The Scream". Sometimes we forget these artists did more than just the one painting.

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