Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Wanna Live Forever

No, not me; that's part of the song "Fame", which is the thing I'm thinking about this morning as it's the anniversary of the death of John Lennon. That's one of those 'I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing' moments in time, just like JFK.
AnywhereinthenameofsillyamIgoingway, Fame seems to be one of those things 'desirable' to us. But I think we mainly want the 'accoutrement's' that go with fame: money, big car, big house, lotsa trips, sexy arm candy, etc. Not too many of us think about the 'other' that also comes along, ie: you become 'public property'. It seems like all and sundry folk consider you as their personal 'thing'. And you lose anonymity as your face is posted everywhere.
And I guess for some pretty 'big name' artists that holds true as well. Most folks know Robert Bateman or Vladimir Kush; well, maybe not everyone, as your artwork is the more recognizable part of you as opposed to an actor or musician, say. In my small little part of the world I have a modicum of 'fame' due to being here for some time and having my artwork in lots of spaces and that I get into the local paper quite a bit due to my career taking off for me (and assorted other strange behaviors the paper reports on) so I'm slightly cognizant of the weird thing Fame is. Mostly I have a strange reaction when folks meet me and go "Oh, you're that Marla Thirsk!", which gets me thinking too much about what-the-hell-do-they-mean-by-that but let's move on.
Honestly? I admit I do like the 'fame/recognition' but being someone who treasures her solitariness, it's a bit of a two-edged sword. And I don't think you can go backwards once you're there without a concerted effort to be 'forgotten' which for me means not painting ever again and that is just not happening.
Painting is: "Come Together" by John Lennon.
And I miss him.

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