Friday, October 1, 2010


This morning I was wondering just how long I'd been blogging at this cyber diary/journal/letter/waste some time with a cup of coffee spot and just now, went back to see.

Well, by all that's droning-on, we've been at this over a year now....July 3rd last year was the first post, can you believe ? Other than MISSING the anniversary date completely (*sigh*), it's interesting to see what a year has done. Because it was then that I started painting the 'Rita' Series and just look at all that's followed that.


That's actually quite cool.

Painting is: "Cakes" by Wayne Theibauld, American Pop Artist who hung with the likes of Andy Warhol etc. and I'm pretty sure most of you have seen his images all over as they've been used as 'kitschy' notepads and day planners and sundry. He began his career as a 'bout that.

Sure makes a great painter of goodies....I admit to having a real desire for that chocolate awesomeness at the back.......think I better have some breakfast before all hell breaks loose.

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