Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I sometimes muse on the 'long ago' art I've done. Much of that early days work was given away as presents or somesuch; some even lost in all the moves I did. And that's pretty much all I ever dwelt on this for a moment of 'wonder what' and then out again as the usual 'damn that cat!' stuff takes over.
So imagine my complete gobsmacked-ness (is this a word even?) when I recieved an email asking about the above picture.
It is a colored pen and ink drawing of the style I did during the early 1970's to early 1980's....I was so into detailed (and horrible perspective) pics reflecting my 'hippie' self and my desired life. This particular drawing is of me and my 2 sons - now in their 30's - (!sheesh!) and all the trappings of that hippie-country style of life I lusted after back then.
The thing is I can't really remember doing this.
Anyway, the now owner of this work had tracked me down somehow and asked about the originality and story of the piece. Which I told them about. I also asked how they got it and it turns out a friend of theirs found it at 'Value Villiage' in Vancouver and had bought it. They also said it was greatly loved....and that was the best thing to hear.

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