Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Sunday Extras....or whatever mind seems incapable of those clever pun-ish titles this morning. Perhaps some breakfast would help.
Anywhatabeginningway, I originally had intentions of writing a post all about 'Sunday' and how it has always seemed to have that odd completely-free-day feeling to it; you know, you wake up with the thought 'ah good, it's Sunday so no rush to do ....etc.' kinda thing. Now, granted, for many it is just another day if you have a job that cycles days according to work schedules but for most of us, Sunday is really the day of rest. The 'sit-on-the-sofa-in-yer-jammies-till-noon' day. Drinking coffee. Reading the paper. Adding to the population problem..or not depending on your desires. Mind you when I was young, waythehellbackthen, Sunday meant dressing up like a small Victorian maiden and going to Ma and Pa doing the aforementioned as we finally left them alone for a couple of hours; but more on that anon.
So I went searching, as I do when sitting down to write my little blog, for a painting about Sunday....and I got lost in the oh-so-fascinating world of cyberspace.
And that lead me into wild and strange contemporary art that the new artistic community is creating.
Wowzers. What a strangely bizarre world it is. I see a lot of 'dark' subject matter out there. A GREAT deal of blood. On 'pretty' little girls. (oh Mr. Freud...?) Wildly distorted creatures. Skulls. Deathly pale people. Rubbery imaging.
I LOVE it, actually.
Makes me want to be a part of it all and paint gorgeous women with lots of tattoos......yes, well, moving on.
So that brings me to the image above. This artist is Mari Shimizu and she makes these wonderful dolls and I'm so in awe of them I want to pull out all my doll making stuff and create...except I won't because I have my mind working on another painting.
The dilemma of me as woefully attracted to many different things artist.
Focus, Marla, focus.
Perhaps some coffee........
ps. I'm sorry the image is so small and fuzzy. I couldn't find any large scale high rez ones of the pic I liked best.

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