Monday, October 11, 2010

Another Kind of Gratefull

It's Thanksgiving here in Canada - just on the off chance I have a visitor from elsewhere - and it's traditional for most of us to feel thankful about our families and friends, life, where we live, etc. And that's heartily condoned here at 'OFF CANVAS' because I think we often dwell on the dark side and forget the phenomenal gifts we do have in our lives.
I'd like to put a wee spin on what to be thankful about, in my arty way; it's the way my mind works, folks; so here's the top 10 list of the 'odd' things I'm thankful about. Please feel free to add your own 'strange'.
#1: I'm really thankful for being able to read. That one skill has kept me informed, educated and entertained for over 53 years. Nice track record!
#2: Warped sense of humour. Even in the darkest of dark times, the ability to see the absurdly funny side of things has rescued me time and time again.
#3: A love of solitude. Good thing, since I exist in this zone frequently.
#4: Loss of dignity. I have this in spades. Mainly due to my 'don't get it' mode of behavior towards the common life. And it's good because it keeps my ego from getting beyond it's tolerable boundaries. And good stories to tell.
#5: Patience. No high blood pressure. Not worried by delays or long lines. Good thing as getting recognized in the greater 'art world' takes a lot of this.
#6: Imagination. Need we say more.
#7: Magazines. I think magazines are the best way to kill time, inspire, entertain, read all in a short form manner. There has got to be a magazine for just about any taste/interest on this planet. Portable too.
#8: Clean sheets. Nothing like the feeling of crawling into them after a bath.
#9: Vacuum Cleaners. I just happen to think they are the bomb. And who wants to physically beat a carpet?!?
#10: Computers. Changed my life...yours too I'll bet.
The Painting: "Thanksgiving" by John Currin. This guy is fabulous. He is such a twisty painter of realism. I am in awe of his stuff!

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