Sunday, October 3, 2010

THE 3 'R's' *

(* 'R'igger, 'R'eproduction and 'R'aw Sienna)

Ok, I'm going to warn you now that I might get carried away on what this is all about, mainly: Being a 'real' Artist and going to school.
For all the shows and contests I enter I have to include or submit a 'CV' (Curriculum Vitae) which generally is a list of the schooling and shows, etc. you have in your life as an artist. This is always problematical for me. Why? Because I'm self-taught; ie: did not go to 'ART' school.
Not that I didn't want to. As a matter of fact, I applied to Emily Carr (in Vancouver, B.C. when it was still called the Vancouver School of Art) in 1978 and was accepted. BUT! (and a big but) I was married to #1 at the time and he got a job over here in Ukee in the fishing industry and that meant I followed as the boys were very small and etc etc etc .....wah.
And then we sort of just slipped into that fast rolling river called 'Life' and went roiling and bounding along, often with head going under.
But I was continuously painting and drawing and doing some kind of creating all through those years. And reading ANY art book I could get my hands on. (my personal Art Library contains over 300 books - true story)
Fast track to 1994 when I changed my life around and decided to get serious about being an artist.
The rest you know.
My point being: am I any less of an artist because I don't have a 'school's credentials' behind my name? I don't think so and my back kinda gets all twisty when the snobbery of the art World raises it's pretentious head on this subject.
In the vast history of artists; and I've been researching this; there is very little schooling mentioned. Going to an accredited Art School really came about in the late 1800's - although going to Europe and studying with a 'Master' or just walking the Galleries and painting was an accepted apprenticeship in a way - however, most of the old masters just bloody well did art every day. The study is very helpful, don't think I'm advocating never going to school - I'm just trying to point out that years and years of constant diligence has validity too.
But I'm left wondering how many 'Art Experts' pass me by because of this.
* the 3 'R's' :
Rigger - is a very fine, long bristled and pointed brush used to make fine lines.
Reproduction - 'copying' an original art piece in an accepted meduim depending on type
Raw Sienna - one of the permanent pigments derived from clay
The Painting: The Lascaux Cave in France, painted somewhere around 15,000 to 20,000 B.C. (!!) ....and I'll bet you a rigger brush those Artists didn't go to school.

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