Sunday, October 10, 2010

On The Road Again Again

Okey smokey....we're gearing up for the trip down island to Sidney for the Sidney Art Show next week and, in my usual head-spinning-madly way, I've got a mountain of clothes laid out as I seem to be incapable of packing light. I'm sewing 3 different 'garments' as well because they are the 'finishing touch' my 30 different outfits need and I am also packing a bag of 'creative things to do'.
I exhaust myself.
But it is the ritual I go through each time I travel.....and this is just locally. Heaven's breath, it becomes the subject of a reality show on weirdness. I don't even want to consider what travel to foreign climes would bring about.
Anywhatakookway, I'm always in a strange mood when these trips come about. On one hand I'm excited to be travelling, on the other, I suffer with anxiety. My brain starts the endless 'what ifs' and 'how do Is' and all the attending idiocy that a woman of my age and accomplishments would supposedly be handling like prepping a canvas.
In a way, I'm highly entertained by my 'goofiness'.....who wouldn't be? On the other hand, I'm fed up with my trepidation for what basically is a pretty straightforward undertaking.
There is just one thing left to say:
.... one more outfit and I know it will be perfect.
The Painting: Journey by Luc Tuymans. I like this because of the central woman figure on the bench and all the swirling people around .....just like I feel.

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