Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ugly Art

Do you find this painting 'ugly'?
It's by a young woman painter who has garnered a world class reputation of high regard in the art world with her paintings - very edgy and graphic, mind - of overweight young women and transvestites and abused children etc., all topics that are 'uncomfortable' to say the least.
But what is art if not the portraying of subjects that the ordinary world often passes by and this includes 'pretty' pictures too because as an Artist we are challenged to show the world to our fellow beings that makes them stop and SEE.
I'm thinking about this topic today because, well, for one it's Halloween and a lot of 'ugly' gets glorified in costume. (I myself was a 'dead fairy'....point made) And I'm thinking about subject matter for another series.
Me in all my 'aging overweight woman' glory. But I'm thinking of painting a series that tracks my body changes as I diet and exercise to get myself healthy. (Gods and Goddesses know nothing else has inspired me to do anything about the abysmal state I find myself in) But I want to do them in such a way that it really isn't a portrait of me but a more universal 'woman metamorphosing' idea.
I really hope I can get some feedback from anyone out there on this just might be too 'ugly' in most folks opinion but I'm feeling that excited arm tingle.....
Painting: "Hybrid" by Jenny Saville and I happen to ADORE her stuff by the way. If you look her up be forewarned that she is very very 'in your face' subject wise but this woman can PAINT!

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