Monday, October 25, 2010

Please Can I Have More?

It's raining and storming outside enough to make you think some kind of apocalyptic event is it seems a perfect day to make soup.
If there is any simpler way to create some fabulous culinary goodness, well, I don't know what compares.
Maybe grilled cheese sammies, but that's another thing altogether.
I have saved chicken backs and buy beef bones when I have/see them for a long time. Cheeeeep food. This is part and parcel of the 'artist survival skill-set' you need to have in the creative life. There is something so magical of adding 'bones' and water with savory veg to simmer on a stove top on a wintry day. The aromas alone will make you a believer in alchemy. My mom, long departed, was a master soup creator. I believe making soup is what got her large family through the war in Holland when food was very scarce. A little amount of ingredients will become rich and satisfying and feed many with a long slow cook. And it is so versatile in what you can use. Old slightly limp veg are best too - and that works for a fridge clean-out!
Anymystomachisgrowlingway, I just wanted to share another form of creating.
And, of course, I'll be having some homemade Scottish oat bread to accompany the bowl of soup.
Painting is: Virgin and Child with the Milk Soup by Gerard David.
And, seriously, that soup doesn't really get my taste buds rocking but the painting is a fine thing. And goes along with my sentiment of teaching your kids to cook from an early age. As an aside, what is up with the Christ child always being naked in these old paintings?!? ALWAYS. Must've had a good metabolism.......or that soup kept him warm.

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