Thursday, September 30, 2010

All Together Now

I woke up this morning thinking about being alone. My day-to-day life is actually pretty solitary....ok, Jams is usually around but being as her interaction is pretty much going to the door, coming back to the door, going to the door, coming back to the door, check out the food dish and have another nap.....well, interaction on a social scale is limited, shall we say.
Not that I don't see people or talk to folks, but that generally occurs when we slip into town to replenish the larder or hit the library etc.
And I'm pretty much ok with this - after all, Art is a solitary endeavor.
But every once in a while I feel the 'alone-ness' that my life is.
I do have good friends that I love and cherish - please don't think I'm completely without hope - well, not that way - but there are times when I put the brush down late at night and realize how much my life has become quite secluded; I just long for some late night hang-out with all the peeps just like Montemart used to be for the long gone artists from way back when.
Facebook just doesn't cut it.
Painting is : "Nighthawks" by Edward Hopper - one of the most copied images of all time. Ed started out as an illustrator and then moved into painting. You can see that in how his paintings 'told stories'.

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