Monday, September 6, 2010


OK...I got 'caught' yesterday. Not by the 'authorities' or anything similar - although that may happen yet in my increasingly strange life - no, no; I had an unexpected drop-by caller.
Now for most of us, it's nice when good pals turn up at the door to say 'hi ya' or whatever but for me....not so much. This has to do with the way I paint.
When I'm 'on a roll', so to speak, I don't perform general housework tidiness chores or put away the laundry or put the reference books back on the shelf or any of that kind of thing. Nah, I have the detritus of creativity all around me as any available surface becomes laden with papers and etc., along with stacks of dishes, dirty coffee cups and a general 'hovel of total chaos' decorator scheme.
However, all this pales in comparison to my appearance.
When I paint, I usually tend to forgo the 'combed hair/washed face' good grooming rules for the more, um, 'crazy bag lady' demeanor, dressing in large stretched out pants with old tattered sweatshirt accessories. All generously covered in many paint splops and wipes. Forget make -up...and, even sadder, brushed teeth.
Tres Chic!
So when my friend in her kindness dropped by to give me her condolences re: Dad yesterday, I was caught looking like I needed an intervention of herculean proportions.
Ah well, another illustration of how fast we are slipping into eccentricity.
The painting: " Woman V " by Willem De Kooning
...and it captures me perfectly.


  1. Oh.. sweet Marla.. I can so relate to this..
    I have stopped trying to put on airs that we live in a clean hovel.. when Shawn and I are in the midst of creative chaos..I now embrace it. I think that is why we built the bookstore, and the cabin so that we could have a fake "public" space and a private reality..

  2. Your cousin in the (other) hick town :)September 7, 2010 at 10:04 AM

    Wow ! That really is some crazy lookin' chick ! I can't imagine you possibly looking THAT bad... on the other hand, I've had moments when I totally think I look like that too.

  3. Sadly, it's exceptionally close to the truth.....