Thursday, September 9, 2010


Mother of all female idiocy - SHOOT me the next time I EVER get the brilliant idea to color my hair to match my paintings.
I have now traded 2...yeah, that's TWO...paintings to my hairguru to FIX my head from the undeniable disaster my hair has become from dying it a deep auburny/purple to (cute!*NOT*) make an "arty" statement when I went down to Victoria to get my Dianne Farris Juror's award in July.
JULY, people, 2 and a smidge months ago. And I've been trying to get back to my 'normal' color ever since.
My hair is seriously considering packing up and leaving my head. As a matter of fact, it's so pissed, it's sending me bits of broken off ends to make a point.
I look like a very bad version of a Japanese Manga character, only not so skinny.
Right now my favorite accessory is a french beret pulled down around my ears.
......what did I say on the top of the blog in the intro? Something about an overactive imagination that makes me crazy?
Painting is "Bad Hair Day" by 'rockstar30'.......seriously, that's the name....
ps...I've just uploaded an old photo of self with the hair I like best (whydidIeverchangeit?!) in hopes it will keep me focused on the goal of a 'normal' head....

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  1. Marla.. this is so bloody funny.. but only because everyone can relate.
    I have resigned myself to acceptance of the grey straw crop that seems to have taken over the field of chocolate brown yummyness that used to cover my head..I know that any attempt at dye will lead to an more dramatic line across my head as it grows out.
    Who ever said getting older isnt fun?
    Love you