Friday, September 17, 2010

8.2 Lives and Counting.

It occurs to me I haven't posted a 'Jams' story for a while, so let me catch you up on the feline friend.
Before I left on my jaunt down island to deliver the artwork, Jams really did a number on herself. Jams continuously does numbers on herself; part of the 'bitchy' calico personality she embodies. I figure her 9 lives thing is pretty much on par with the 'doomsday' clock. (Look up the Doomsday Clock to get what I mean....but only if you are prepared to just want to crawl under the couch and stay there - kinda like Jams) She is extremely territorial and will take on any and all comers. Much to the detriment of her body. So far her eye is skewed, she is missing part of her tongue and a tooth, has a scar running through the eye across her nose, she's missing 4 claws, has a wonky hip and her tail has a pronounced kink in it (from when she misjudged a leap and got her claw stuck and wrenched her hip out of joint)
Anystupidfurrybrainmovesway, I have the bedroom window cracked open just wide enough to offer Jams egress to the home fires, or should I say, cat dish, whenever her little ol' heart desires. This has been working fine for many years of our cohabitation until recently. About 3 weeks ago I was reading in bed late with the Jams curled up by my feet when I heard a rustling outside the window. I looked out to see two shinning eyes staring back at me and I leaned forward and smacked my book against the window frame, thereby scaring off the would-be intruder. Jams just snored away, completely oblivious to what was going on. I thought no more about it. Then about 6 days ago, very early in the morning, I was rocketed awake with Jams launching herself out the window growling mightily. The screams and yowls carried on for some 5 mins outside then all went quiet and I fell back asleep. The next morning I couldn't find her and went up to the upstairs flatmate's apt and saw her curled up on his couch. When I went to pick her up to carry her back downstairs she yowled in pain and hissed at me - pretty clear she was one hurtin' feline. So I just let her be. Later that day she sort of hobbled in the back door with her tail at half mast and obviously had put her hip out again as she couldn't settle with the pain of trying to lay down.
Well, that's how I had to leave her when I took off for Sidney on Sunday last but USFM (up stairs flat mate) took over the care and feeding and when I got home she was back to normal -at least for Jams. Mind you, she has a decided lurch to her back end now.
And I used believe fixed females were ' benignly calm'.
Not this cat apparently.
Painting is: "2 Cats Fighting" by John James Audubon, 1826 - I guess his bedroom window was open too.


  1. Miss Marla, we just recently lost our beloved kitty Alice.We think maybe to coyotes that have been roaming. It is amazing how much these animals become part of your life and your art. Stella our faithful dog has now outlived 4 feline friends. So now we have embarked on a new relationship with a black kitty named Vespa.. (Vanessa, was her slave we had to change it)
    She is very spunky, rescued and has a few scars to prove it. We are going to try her as an indoor kitty and build a cat enclosure in the spring. Stella slips into a dark canine depression when she is without feline and she cannot paint or play music her way out of it..
    Love you.. c

  2. I said I would never get another fur companion when my last one died because of the pain your heart goes through but Jams found me so I won't argue with the wish of fate. She has certainly been one of the most unique and my life is changed having her near. Dealing with the danger that living in a 'wild' area brings to these friends is always there but we wouldn't wish to have them not be a part of our journey. My heart always clenches when Jams disapears or injures herself (regularly in her case).
    My heart to you.